Tech File – Sci-Fi And Fantasy Make-up

In this lesson, we were allowed to be very creative and all do something different. I searched sci-fi make-up, and found a number of interesting images, but I decided to use this one… However, I wanted to make it more fantasy and so decided to do multicoloured geometric triangles over the face.


Tools/equipment needed:


Creating this look was not necessarily difficult, but I learnt that you had to be very precise in what you were doing and the line you were aiming to create – you had to use masking tape for every single line, or else it would not be straight and clean-cut as required. Also, I found out it was best to use the aquacolor palette because when using supracolor, some of the grease would slip under the tape, therefore ruining the line. I also found that when the model moved her face, e.g. smiled, he cheeks changed shape, and thus the tape moved and became slightly unstuck.

I altered methods of application by using my fingers, and a foundation brush – neither was particularly more effective than the other, I thought they both worked just as well as each other. I really liked the effect that the metallic colours gave, and if I were to do it again, I think I would experiment using just these! Furthermore, if I had more time I would done the whole face, and ensured all of the lines were extremely sharp and clean, especially around the eye area, and I may have even considered blocking out the eyebrows prior to the application.

IMG_8680 IMG_8681 IMG_8682 IMG_8683


Styling And Backdrop/Location Of My Film

My model’s styling options (not including hair/make-up) will be very simple, to enable to audience to focus specifically on the make-up and facial features. Also, all of the shots will be close-ups, therefore we will not see anything below the neck/collar bone area. For these reasons, I am just going to have my model wear a strapless top so that we only see her skin, thus does not attract much attention. The only thing I will have to remember when doing this, is to make sure that I keep the face and neck the same colour and ‘texture’, so whatever I do to the face I must also do to the rest of the skin that is on show.


The location of the film will all be filmed in the studio – it will either be a black or white backdrop, depending on what works best with the make-up looks and model’s skin tone, or even both.

04ecb18beb028275f0cc35325db29864bridal makeup parlourPortrait of a beautiful woman over black background..

Updated Fashion Film Idea

So a few things have developed and changed from my initial idea, therefore I have decided to do an updated summary about the concept, and what is going to feature in my film…

  • The film is about anti-advertising, but I am looking at it in the opposite way. I am taking what advertisers say literally, and pushing the boundaries to show just how ridiculous some of the things they claim are…
  • I am going to use a range of different exaggerated make-up products, and film them one at a time, to allow the viewer to focus on that one thing, and figure out exactly what is wrong with it
  • These scenes will be looped in and out of each other, in quite a sharp, ‘choppy’ way, and will feature some special effects, such as merging, mirroring, fading, etc.
  • I will then apply all of the exaggerated products/techniques in one go, to show the whole over the top transformation (but this will not feature until all of the single products have been shown)
  • I will compare this to a relatively normal shot of the model
  • All of the filming will be done in a studio
  • The basis of the models make-up will remain the same throughout, to give the audience a clear view at what is unnatural
  • The hair will be quite sleek and straight, so as not to distract attention from the make-up/concept of the film

The products/techniques that I will be shooting scene by scene:

  • Very light under the eye concealer, that is clearly too light for the skin tone/rest of face
  • Ridiculously heavy contouring, e.g. on the cheekbones, nose and forehead
  • Excessive amounts of bronzer and blusher
  • Severe unnatural highlighting, e.g. tops of cheek bones, down middle of the nose
  • Too defined, dark, over the top eyebrows
  • Bold, bright, smudged eyeshadow
  • Extremely bold, graphic eyeliner
  • Overly long, voluminous eyelashes (both top and bottom)
  • Massively plumped, overdrawn lips

All of these will be true to their word, and feature the actual make-up product, but to get that ‘fashion film feel’, I will be adding other elements to really exaggerate and accentuate these features. For example:

  • The use of glitter as a highlighter
  • Layers of false eyelashes, to represent “10x longer lashes” mascara
  • The use of paper to create a graphic eyeliner that overly exceeds the eye

The next step is to storyboard my ideas into a sequence, and break the scenes down bit by bit, before then carrying out some tests and practice runs to see what works most effectively for each factor.

Jabe Vincent

Jabe was born in 1976 on the Island of Guadeloupe. At 16 years old he transferred to Paris to study Art. In this period he developed his passion for painting and made his first exhibit in Cologne Germany at the age of 18. In 1998 Jabe started to focus his art in the make up world and started his career as a freelance make up artist. Jabe regularly works with the biggest names in the business, collaborating as an art director and beauty editor for magazines and cosmetic houses, as well as head make up artist for some of the most important shows during fashion week in Milan and Paris.

Upon looking through Jabe’s work, I found so many make-up styles that he created, that pretty much summed up what I wanted to do for some of my scenes… I was definitely very impressed by Jabe and his work, as all of it looked amazing, so I now must narrow down and incorporate what inspiration is necessary into my make-up designs.

Web reference:


These images show what I was leaning towards when I talk about mascara… I would layer up false eyelashes to show them literally being 10x longer


However, from a distance they do not appear as dramatic as I would like, so I know that I have to go above and beyond what Jabe did with the eyelashes, in both length and volume


This is similar to Ffrench’s work that I talked about, where I would use glitter as a highlighter. I am not sure whether I will apply all over the face though.


This again, would represent the mascara and the eyelashes going way beyond the natural eye


This would represent eyeshadow, however you can see this has a painterly texture to it, I would use actually eyeshadow, to keep my subject authentic.


Again, the eyelashes to represent mascara advertising – here the emphasis is on the bottom lashes

These images would represent the eyeliner because of how bold, and sharply defined the black is


Trucco & Bellezza Mag Backstage Fashion Film

This video is not actually the fashion film itself, but it shows the basic storyline and gives you the real gist of the film, and it’s always good seeing what happens backstage, to give you an insight. I again, really liked the composition of this, due to sharp, choppiness of the different scenes, and also all of the different effects it used, e.g. the mirroring, fading and merging of images, as well as the fact that it kept dipping in and out of black and white. I am not actually sure whether I want to shoot in colour or black and white yet, as I think both could work extremely effectively, but seeing how these worked together, has made me consider both!

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 17.34.06

The concept behind this film feels quite similar to mine, as you have the very over the top make-up, but they have created and accentuated certain features of the face by using paper cut outs, e.g. the apples of the cheeks, lips, eyeliner, etc. The bright colours around the eyes and smeared on the face is something that I was thinking of doing in my own film (to show how adverts exaggerate about the bright colours and pigment within eyeshadow), and the eyeliner was extremely clever! This has inspired me to consider doing something like this in my film, to show how all companies rant and rave about their eyeliner being the best and giving the most definition to the eyes – this definitely takes it to a whole new level, since the line is actually continuing off of the face.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 17.31.15

The make-up artist for this film was Jabe Vincent, so I am definitely going to research him and his work.

‘Age Of Aquarius’ by Pierre Debusschere

This film is unmistakably Debusscherre, with flowing dresses and majestic use of light, shadow and colour. Collaborating with stylist Robbie Spencer and DP Amandine Klee once again, Debusschere continues to carve out a sleek and original look for his films that reflects his work in stills and adds further to his reputation as an artist at the forefront of the fashion world.

The thing I am taking from this film is the movement of the models, and how the film has actually been put together and composed. I like how everything has been slowed down, and how the shots appear quite sharp and “choppy”, moving from one scene to another and then back again. This is what I am hoping to do with the editing of my film – I want it to chop and change from a scene about one product, to move on to a different one, and back and forth, etc.

The use of lighting was also very effective and is ideally something I would like to be able to achieve, where it flashes (around the 7-9 second mark) but I think that it would be quite difficult to do.

Web reference:

Initial Music Choice Thoughts

This is a song that I found as I was just doing some research – I had obviously recognised the song from The Hunger Games, but I liked the twist that this remix had, and I could imagine it giving quite an eerie feeling to my film, which is what I am aiming for. I almost want the viewers to feel a little uncomfortable, to deter them from the world of false advertising.

Also, the beat drops around about 1 minute into the track, which I could imagine my film taking a dramatic turn and being very extravagant and over the top at this point. The lyrics in the song are quite intriguing and could relate to my film – it says that “stranger things can happen”, which refers to the crazy world we live in, and that much more stranger things can happen in the cosmetic industry, now and in the future. It also talks about “the hanging tree”and becoming “free”, which I think is good to relate the audience back to something natural and something from nature, as well as telling them that they can be free from all this pressure that advertising can apply.

At the minute, this is just an initial thought, because I am not entirely sure the track will be fast enough, but I would just need to experiment with a few shots and see how it works.

‘What is Real?’ by Ece Ozalp

Ece Özalp is inspired not by what is observed in nature but by perceptions created by exceeding her own perceptions.
The project created based on Perception is a quest both of her and of her illusion…

“A perception of Perception.
An inception, perhaps.”

I found this film visually astonishing, it is a great way to ask the question “What is real?” but in a very compelling and indirect way. I realise that this does not directly relate to my film, but in some ways I think it does, because in a lot of adverts we ask ourselves what is real – has that product really created that, or has it been photoshopped? Thus, is not real…

I like the way in which the dress remained the same throughout the whole film, but it was merely just the lighting effects that changed the look of it. This is essentially what I am going to be doing – the same face will be used throughout my film, but I will be using different make-up techniques to change the overall look.

The way there is a lot of interference in the film, almost like it is loosing signal, is something that I am looking to pursue in my own film, again to show the way in which we are almost being brainwashed by the media and advertising. The music fits in very well with this, but I think is works extra well because of the use of the flickering of lights, and the use of technology and electricity, so this music is not exactly what I want for my own film, but it something along these lines.

‘Bloom’ by Charlie Wan

Bloom was the winner of “Best Hair & Makeup” at 2012 La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, and it is clear to see why! The make-up, nails and placement of the jewels all over the model was incredible and very mesmerising to watch.

I was actually very intrigued by this film, as there was an element that I found relatable and wanted to include in my own fashion, film but at first I struggled to put my finger on what that was… The piece speaks mainly of metamorphosis, opening the sequence of images in a sort of cocoon, until you reach the open face of the model, Jennifer Onvie. The metamorphosis is not the relatable part, but I the camera angle and pace of the film is. I think I want my film to be shot quite close up throughout, and I like the way it blurs and travels in and out of focus, at a fairly slow pace.

By shooting it close up and in this way, it allows the viewer to really focus on the small details, and thus giving them more of a chance to understand the meaning behind my film. I am going to have one model, who remains in the film from start to finish, and I am going to adjust different parts of her make-up one at a time, and shoot it. For example, one shot will be mainly about the eyelashes, another about the highlighter, another about the eyeliner, etc. I think I may then combine all of these elements and show the finished result with all of these dramatic things to show how ridiculous it can look, and to what extreme advertising has become. I will then chop and change shots from the model with “normal make-up”, to the outrageous make-up. It will show that less is sometimes more, and that if all of these products did exactly what they claimed to do, we would all look very over the top and it could just be too much.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 16.30.18

I really liked the blurred effects that kept appearing throughout the video, which were the reflections of all the jewels she is covered in – I may use a technique like this in my film to show that we are very in the dark, almost mesmerised, and unclear and unaware of what advertising is doing to us. My background is going to be similar to this, to ensure that it is not distracting, and focuses all of the viewers’ attention on the model and the message that I am trying to get across.

The music had a very scary and on edge feel to it, this is not the type of thing I want to include in my film. I think I want my music to be either quite sharp, so that I cut in and out of shots in time with the music, or almost bittersweet and harmonious, and to symbolise how advertising brainwashes us.

Overall, I really liked everything about this film, and thought it was extremely effective. It has given me a lot of inspiration, and allowed me to make and settle a lot of my decisions about my own film.

Web reference:…/vlc-♥-bloom-by-charlie-wan/

Inception Film Review


The definition of inception is: (in science fiction) the act of instilling an idea into someone’s mind by entering his or her dreams.

Inception is a very complex, and at some times very confusing film. The story can either be told in a few sentences, or not told at all. The movie is all about process, about fighting our way through what is dream and what is reality.

I felt very adrift in time and experience during this film – we can never even be quite sure what the relationship between dream time and real time is. Nolan explains that you can never remember the beginning of a dream, and that dreams that seem to cover hours may only last a short time.

Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a corporate raider of the highest order. He infiltrates the minds of other men to steal their ideas. He is hired by a powerful billionaire to do the opposite – to introduce an idea into a rival’s mind, and do it so well that he believes it is his own. The rich man, makes him an offer he can’t refuse, an offer that would end Cobb’s forced exile from home and family.

Cobb assembles a team; Arthur (his longtime associate), Eames (a master at deception), Yusuf (a master chemist), and Ariadne (a young architect who is a prodigy at creating spaces). Cobb also goes to touch base with his father-in-law, who knows what he does and how he does it.

Cobb’s assignment is the “inception” of a new idea in the mind of another young billionaire, who is heir to his father’s empire. Saito wants him to initiate ideas that will lead to the surrender of his rival’s corporation. Cobb needs Ariadne
to create a deceptive maze-space in Fischer’s dreams so that new thoughts can slip in unperceived.

Cobb tutors Ariadne on the world of dream infiltration, the art of controlling dreams and navigating them. Nolan uses this as a device for tutoring us as well. And also as the occasion for some of the movie’s astonishing special effects, the most impressive to me takes place in Paris, where the city literally rolls back on itself like a roll of linoleum tile. Protecting Fischer are a number of gun-wielding bodyguards, who may be working like the mental equivalent of antibodies; they seem alternatively real and figurative, but whichever they are, they lead to many gunfights, chase scenes and explosions.

Nolan helps us with an emotional thread. The reason Cobb is motivated to risk the dangers of inception is because of grief and guilt involving his wife Mal, and their two children. Whether we are seeing Cobb’s memories or his dreams is difficult to say, even, literally, in the last shot.

A lot of movies in nowadays often seem be a remake or sequel, “Inception” does a different and much more difficult thing. It is very new and very original, and definitely unthought of. I still believe the film is a very complex story to follow, but that is what kept me hooked throughout, and keeps you guessing…

Web references: