Creating GIFs from my film

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 14.37.07

I created my GIFs using an app that I downloaded for my Mac called PicGIF Lite – it was really easy to use. I uploaded different sections of my video, which it then broke down into separate frames. I then chose which frames I wanted in my GIF, chose the speed, and there we go!

This GIF shows a quick overview of all of the different individual looks.GIF6These GIFs show my model posing quite a lot, with the full face of makeup. It is quite ironic because the make-up is so comical, but she is remaining very professional and serious.GIF 1


I really liked the dramatic hair flip in the film, so I wanted to capture this and make it into a GIF.GIF3

Although, I have decided to get rid of this scene in my film, I still really liked the effect, and thus wanted to create a GIF to show that I experimented with it.GIF4


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