500 Word Evaluation

Overall, I have actually really enjoyed this project, and I feel that I have created an effective fashion film with a strong concept. At first, I was slightly overwhelmed by the brief and all of the work ahead of me, but I learnt that if I kept on top of my work, the task was well within my reach.

The first problem I faced was developing the storytelling of my film – I knew the message that I wanted to portray was anti-advertising, but I was not quite sure how to execute my video. Fortunately, Pascal was able to put a slight spin on my original idea; whereby I look at advertisement the opposite way, and take what they say literally. This gave me plenty of new, and more interesting ideas that I could work with.

With this idea in mind, I researched real-life scenarios of false advertising to give my concept more depth and meaning. As I was researching, the problem was just as big as I imagined, if not worse. I think that this encouraged me to create a successful fashion film because it was a relevant topic, that would apply to a large audience.

My main problem that I faced was probably finding a model! Initially, I thought I had it all sorted, but then when they pulled out (2 in a row), I began to panic and stress massively; little did I know the answer was right in front of me… However, whilst trying to find a new model, I realised that this actually pushed me into doing all of the background research and practice required, and it made me very eager to start filming, so once I had my model sorted, I was ready to get filming as soon as possible.

I feel that the make-up and hair looks came to me quite effortlessly – I had my concept, so I just ran with it. I knew that I wanted it to be big, bold and over the top, but I wanted my concept to be understood. Therefore, I broke down my make-up process, by showing one look at a time, before shocking the viewers with the dramatic final look. I researched already existing looks that I could incorporate and gain inspiration from, and then came up with my own, firstly in a brief storyboard, and then translated them into face charts. The hair was a smaller part of my film, as I wanted the focus on the make-up, thus I slicked it back off of the face, and it only really came into play when I used it to complement the final look.

Another big part that I have gained a lot of knowledge about is how to shoot and edit footage. Prior to starting this project, I had never used premiere, so all of Ken’s lessons were teaching me something new. I felt that I learnt the basics here, but I learnt the most by experimenting in my own time.


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