Tech File – Hair On Camera; Structure And Movement

Tools/equipment needed:

  • Paddlebrush
  • Pintail Comb
  • Sectioning clips
  • Hairspray
  • Hairband
  • Hair grips
  1. Section the hair in a V from the front of the head towards the crown and pin this out the way.IMG_9461
  2. Gather the rest of the hair into a tight pony tail midway up the head – make sure this is neat and sleek.IMG_9463
  3. Starting at the back of the V section, backcomb it layer by layer.
  4. When this is sufficiently  built up, comb the hair together and backwards, so that it is smooth and comes towards the pony tail.
  5. Twist this hair once and pin it in place.
  6. Once it is pinned, wrap this hair around the pony tail to hide the existing band.IMG_9479
  7. Pin the ends in place.
  8. Run over the hair with a comb sprayed with hair spray to flatten down fly aways.

As I was creating this style on my dolls head, I struggled to keep the fly away hairs to a minimum because the hair does not act as natural hair, but I tried my best. Also, the hair is quite short, which meant some of the hair was harder to keep in place, for example, some of it was not long enough to reach the ponytail.

I think my backcombing was good because I was able to create a lot of volume, and it stayed in place without using any hairspray or hair products. Therefore, I think it made the quiff part quite successful, and it was quite even on both sides.

I also managed to cover all of the hairband with hair, and none of the grips were visible, which is good. The only thing I would have liked to improve is for the hair to be slightly sleeker and for the ponytail to be tighter.

Overall, I like this hairstyle as a fairly natural everyday style, and it is not too complicated to do, so would be good to use on TV and in films, for example, to maintain continuity.


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