Tech File – Natural Make-up For TV And Film

Products/equipment needed:IMG_9451(and a puff & eyebrow brush)

1. Cleanse and tone skin to clean and add moisture.
2. Apply a moisturising primer and massage it into the skin with fingers.
3. Warm up some concealer on the back of your hand and apply it under the eye, patting it gently with fingers. (Don’t swipe as will pull on delicate skin and irritate), and to any blemishes.
4. Colour match the foundation on the model, don’t change the colour of the skin for this natural look.
5. (If needed) mix the foundation with an illuminator/moisturiser to make it less heavy.
6. Apply the foundation with your fingers to warm up the product and place it where needed. Buff this in using Bobbi Brown full coverage brush.
7. Blend the concealer in with the foundation and add it to the eyelid to even out skin tone.
8. Using a puff, apply translucent powder to the areas where you do not want it to be shiny/oily.
9. Apply some lip balm on the lips to prep them for the lip stick.
10. Brush eye brows through and add a tiny bit of colour if there are sparse areas.
11. Brush through the eyelashes to remove any product.
12. Use a shimmery or matte skin colour on the eyelid.
13. Use a brown eye shadow and press it into the lash line for subtle definition.
14. Apply a light coat of mascara to top and bottom lashes.
15. Ask model to smile and lightly add some blush to the apples of the cheeks.
16. Add a very natural lip colour.

I was actually really happy with how my natural make-up turned out – I think it looked nice and soft and fresh-faced, and it allowed the skin to really come through and be seen despite there being foundation applied. I used the Bobbi Brown Longwear-even finish foundation, because (I used to work for Bobbi Brown) I know that they aim to promote a natural healthy look, and that their foundations are not too heavy, thus only produce light to medium coverage.

The colours of the foundation, concealer and lipstick are well matched and blended. I liked using my fingers to apply the products because it gave a natural, soft finish, which is perfect for this look, and I think sometimes, using our fingers as tools are often forgotten about. I feel that the blusher gives a healthy bit of colour to the face, and that is not too much or too overpowering.

The only thing I perhaps would’ve changed is the amount of mascara on the bottom eyelashes – for these particular eyelashes (that are quite long for bottom lashes) I think that the mascara appears slightly too heavy. However, on someone with shorter lashes, it would look a lot more natural.

Overall, I quite enjoyed creating this look, as it is quite different to a lot of the extremely heavy make-up looks I have been creating in this unit. Therefore, it was nice to have a change and create the total opposite, and I like the outcome because of how fresh faced and natural it looks.


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